The National Vision for Sports in Schools

...supported by the Sports Premium Fund

Howard Park Community School's

Sport's Premium Financial Statement

At Howard Park we recognise the importance of the PE and sports premium funding in raising achievement and health and wellbeing. We believe that all children should have equal access to PE and sporting opportunities, both during and out of school hours. The PE and sports premium funding is aimed at raising standards and improving the experiences of all children throughout school in their PE lessons.

Delivery Statement

PE and sports premium funding is money, provided by the Government, to raise achievement and involvement in PE and sports.

At Howard Park PE and sports premium money has been spent in a variety of ways.  This has included:

  • Employing specialist coaches to deliver lessons to a range of classes across school.
  • Employing specialist coaches to deliver after school activities, including gymnastics and football.
  • Paying trained members of staff to deliver a range of after school activities to increase the range and quality of sporting opportunities offered.
  • Increasing the skill base of identified members of staff who can then pass on their training across the whole staff team.
  • Paying members of staff to work across lunchtime to offer focussed sporting activities.
  • Increasing the range of out of school opportunities, purchasing sporting equipment/kit so that pupils can be entered in to local, competitive school leagues.

There has been a positive impact so far.  Pupil involvement and enjoyment has certainly increased.  The different clubs and out of school teams/leagues involve a range of pupils from across school.  Attainment is also increasing; at out of school events we are experiencing growing success and a reputation for commitment and effort.  We have been extremely successful in a range of football, netball tournaments, and cross country events.

In terms of curriculum work the expectations for year-end achievement has increased and observations would support the evaluation that we have increased engagement, enjoyment and enthusiasm from the pupils. Teachers also appreciate the opportunity to enhance their own skills and will testify that they have increasing confidence to sustain delivery in the future for the benefit of the pupils.

School will continue to promote involvement and excellence in PE and sports through the use of this premium and as part of our philosophy towards the subject.

Sports Action Plan

What are we working on for improvements?



  1. Lunchtime sport's provision: We now employ 2.6 FTE (lunchtimes) sports staff to encourage pupils to take part in exciting sporting activity.  Most recently we have held netball training and trials which have led to a superb team who compete locally.
  2. Inter and Intra schools events: The school is now an active participant in pyramid, Kirklees wide, Bradford school's and The Catholic school's sport partnerships.  the school encourages inter school competition through its own sports department and its internal house system.
  3. Increased talented pupil participation: Gymnastics and Rugby are our focus this year.  We provide free sports training after school for those who show talent in these sports.
  4. INSET for classroom teachers: We maintain a close focus on the skills of all of our staff, regular and varied INSET and network opportunities keep PE alive as a subject in school.  Staff enjoy this training and cascade their knowledge well to the benefit of all.
  5. The Prominence of Howard Park in Sport: We are ensuring that our school is a key player in the local world of Physical Education and school sports.  We want to succeed.  We want to win!

Physical Education and Competition

...our year so far!

It has been a very hectic start to the year in the school PE department. Howard Park have joined the Batley Catholic School sports partnership as well as keeping our existing ties with Whitcliffe Mount and the Spen Valley School Partnership. We felt this was beneficial in order to give our children more opportunities to access new sports and compete against different schools.

Our first event was the interschool cross country.  We took 40 children from Howard Park to Spen Victoria Cricket Club to trial for places in the team. The main competition was held at Whitechapel School, each individual gave their all in their races which were over 1100 meters. The performance was excellent and Howard Park won two of the four events resulting in qualification for the next stage of the competition for the first time ever.  The final was held at Leeds Road Playing Fields in Huddersfield. The team performed with credit and although we didn’t qualify for the next stage, valuable experience was gained by our young runners.

We ran an after school Rugby club for 6 weeks in preparation for a Tag Rugby tournament at Batley Parish School. It was Howard Park's first ever Rugby team. At the competition the boys and girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We won a game, drew a game and lost a game and in early 2016 we are booked to play in another tournament.

The boys entered the Catholic schools football tournament held at Howden Clough sports centre. We played 7 matches, eventually finishing 3rd in our group of 8 teams meaning we advance to the finals held on December 9th.  Both myself and Mr Pollard were delighted with the level of commitment, effort and skill shown. Our girls football team entered the St John Fisher tournament, we won one game and lost the other two narrowly going down to the winning team in a tight game our lack of game experience being a factor.

To further improve the skills of our young footballers we have now begun a weekly Football Development Afer School Club on Tuesday’s for Girls, Thursday’s for Boys. Around 40 children have access to this sport skills group every week.

Over the past two weeks our young athletics stars have had two hugely notable successes. Firstly we went to the Sainsbury’s Sports Hall Athletics held at The Sports Barn in Huddersfield, we secured second place and therefore qualification for the next stage to be held on 13 January 2016. Mr Newby has designed some special PE post cards to be awarded to children who we feel have performed to an outstanding level. Year 6’s Brooke was the first ever recipient, she won both her two individual events, one of which was the triple jump where she produced an astounding leap.

We followed that performance up with a win at the Whitcliffe Mount Sports Hall Athletics, our year 5 / 6 pupils appeared to benefit from the experience gained at the Huddersfield event finishing first of 8 schools competing.

Our philosophy in the PE department is to get all children to fully participate and enjoy sport. We work hard to try to improve technical skills and boost confidence. We encourage children to be competitive but place emphasis on personal development, team development and sportsmanship.

David Thompson
Sports Coach.