Through teaching French we hope to install in children a love of language learning. Through developing an understanding of the French language, we wish to install in all learners a sense of passion and confidence when using an additional language to communicate.

We hope that through learning French, pupils will develop an interest into learning more about France, to learn more about their history, culture and way of life. This underpins many of our values as a school. Through pupils holding an appreciation and understanding of an alternative culture, students are encouraged to understand and be respectful of the differences and similarities we hold with different countries. Learning the French language also provides the opportunity for all children to be ambitious learners, unlocking the door to a range of opportunities and experiences. 

Our aims in teaching a language are:

  • To develop an interest in learning other languages.
  • To introduce young children to another language in a way that is enjoyable and stimulating.
  • To encourage children’s confidence and creative skills through the exploration of another language.
  • To stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about language.
  • To help children develop their awareness of cultural differences in other countries.
  • To develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • To lay the foundations for future language learning.

How Is French Taught At Howard Park

From the National Curriculum, there are 6 key strands with run throughout our teaching of the French language. Within each year of children’s language learning, these key strands will be built upon and refined.

At Howard Park we use a scheme of work that has been designed by language specialists. This is designed to ensure pupils developed their skills progressively, year on year throughout KS2.

For more information on our French curriculum, please see the downloads below.