‘Respect, Responsibility, Care and Ambition’

Here at Howard Park we aim to provide a welcoming environment for all who enter our school community.  

We provide a nurturing and inclusive school that promotes the wellbeing of all.  We believe that everyone can achieve and be successful through the teaching, hard work and support of our knowledgeable staff.  

We ensure that all members of our school community have the opportunity to be heard and take all points of view with serious consideration, working together to reach positive outcomes.

We invest in all members of our school community; children by investing in quality resources, experiences and skilled staff; staff by providing quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD); families by supporting them to support their child(ren).

Our vision is to develop learners (both adults and children) to:

  • Take an active interest in their learning and are inquisitive to develop their understanding.
  • Strive to achieve their full potential.
  • Support one another and show kindness to each other.
  • Respect the differences and similarities between themselves and others.
  • Are willing to learn by showing resilience and can overcome obstacles that are presented before them.
  • Show a strong set of morals and principles on which to build their life and contribute to their community.
  • An understanding of the wider world and care for the environment.

We will achieve this by creating a culture of learning and discovery that is enjoyable for both children and staff.  We will achieve this by:

  • Widening pupil experiences; giving pupils opportunities to experience things they may otherwise not have the chance to.
  • Have high expectations that all our pupils can achieve
  • Promoting the mental health and wellbeing of both children and adults and treating this with real care and consideration.
  • Providing a curriculum that is relevant and engaging, broad and balanced to allow all pupils to succeed.
  • Engaging with families to help them support their child in all aspects of their learning.
  • Everyone supports one another – recognising that each person has an active role to play in the Howard Park team.

The Howard Park Values:

Our Howard Park values underpin day to day life in school. Our values are:


What does this mean?

Where they support, show kindness, and show respect of the differences and similarities of each other.

What does this look like in school?

Teaching and encouraging respect is a thread that runs through our school. At all times pupils and staff are expected to show respect to one another. Respect is a common topic in our assemblies and in particular through our PSHE, RE, History and Geography lessons when learning about others.


What does this mean?

Educating our children on how to be resilient and to develop a strong set of morals and principles, shaping them into well rounded future citizens.

What does this look like in school?

We encourage everyone to always take responsibility for their behaviour, this is emphasised in our school rules. In addition we believe in giving pupils roles and responsibilities to take an active role within our school. Our School Council heavily promotes this, encouraging children to have a role and say in their school. There are a variety of other roles with responsibility around school. Our pupils act as school librarians, we have our Wellbeing Champions, our Head Boy and Head Girl take on a variety of roles amongst many others.


What does this mean?

Working together to develop a culture where everyone is heard and the wellbeing of all our children and families are at the heart of everything we do.

What does this look like in school?

This happens on a delay basis through everything we do. This is evident through both the way we care for our pupils, families and staff.


What this means?

All children setting high expectations of themselves, striving to success to become life-long learners. A curriculum that provides the opportunity for all children to succeed and provide a range of opportunities and experiences.

What does this look like in school?

We set high ambitions in school for every child. We believe that every child, with the right support can achieve. We do this through quality first teaching, effective interventions that are targeted and timely.

We reward pupils in school for showing the Howard Park values. This happens every week in our well-done assembly where certificates are given to pupils who display any of these values.