Our school has a vision in which all our children succeed within school and beyond. We aim to promote positive self-esteem by celebrating success and developing relationships within a safe and secure environment. We challenge and question thoughtfully whilst providing routine and structure. We recognize the need for all to have high expectations and to have opportunities provided in which all can evaluate upon their own and shared experiences.

Our school has a vision of promoting a spirit of learning, working together in co-operation and trust. We communicate openly and honestly, showing respect and support for all, we share knowledge, recognizing each other’s strengths and celebrating each other’s achievements.

Our school has a vision of enhancing community so that all feel valued, respected, understood and empowered. By offering a healthy, safe and comfortable environment, we endeavour to develop individual confidence and self-esteem whilst fostering self-belief in success, achievements and cultural differences. We aim to encourage the wider community to embrace our vision by helping to create an environment conducive to learning and offering all an enjoyable and rewarding experience.