The Chair Of Governors

Minutes from Full Governing Body Meetings

Minutes from recent Full Governing Body Meetings
9th September 2019wordpress-pdf-icon
12th November 2019wordpress-pdf-icon
3rd February 2020wordpress-pdf-icon
5th May 2020wordpress-pdf-icon
7th July 2020
15th September 2020wordpress-pdf-icon
9th November 2020wordpress-pdf-icon
1st February 2021wordpress-pdf-icon
5th May 2021wordpress-pdf-icon
14th July 2021wordpress-pdf-icon
16th September 2021wordpress-pdf-icon
18th November 2021wordpress-pdf-icon
17th February 2022wordpress-pdf-icon
18th May 2022wordpress-pdf-icon
13th July 2022wordpress-pdf-icon
14th September 2022wordpress-pdf-icon
17th November 2022wordpress-pdf-icon
1st Feb 2023wordpress-pdf-icon
2nd May 2023wordpress-pdf-icon
12th July 2023wordpress-pdf-icon
13th September 2023wordpress-pdf-icon
22nd Novemberwordpress-pdf-icon

Governance Information

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