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...the important weather updates that we receive from Kirklees


It’s all relatively quiet so far this morning (just one or two modest showers into S Yorks). The main overnight thunderstorm activity kept mostly well clear of the Yorkshire/Humber region although the edge of a large storm area did fringe NE Lincs and the Humber area at the end of the night. Right now attention is now fully focussed on potential developments this afternoon/evening.

Still much uncertainty on the extent of heavy shower/thunderstorm development later today with various trigger factors (incl. cloud amount, temperatures, wind directions) needing to come into sync to effect initiation. Here’s our latest thinking.

 Scattered locally heavy/intense thundery showers could affect parts of the Yorkshire/Humber region this afternoon and for a time this evening, either ‘home grown’ or imported from NE Wales/NW England/N Midlands. Shower/storm activity will track in a N or NNE’wards direction. Rainfall intensity within a mature storm could easily overwhelm local drainage in a matter of minutes, leading to localised surface water flooding of roads, rail lines and also prone homes/business premises. Any downpours may also be accompanied by a good deal of lightning activity (risk to rail and power infrastructure) and also by hail/gusty winds. As always in these situations impacts could be on a very localised nature with some areas seeing very little if any rain, others taking a hit.  

 The risk period runs from around early afternoon through until 2200/2300 with the period of main concern from late afternoon into mid-evening.

 Yesterday’s medium impacts yellow warning for rain has been updated this morning (very low likelihood raised to low) and is valid for the whole of the Yorkshire/Humber region for the rest of today.

This morning’s Flood Guidance Statement (Hazard Manager) has all of the region at yellow (low flood risk) with a low likelihood of significant impacts from both surface water and river impacts.

 Monitoring of storm rainfall/lightning activity is recommended via Hazard Manager or the Met Office web site. Those without Hazard Manager can track the latest lightning strikes by going to http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/ , clicking on Rainfall radar and then in the bottom right of the image click on the up arrow next to the word ‘Show’ and select the lightning option.

 As in previous events we will monitor both broadcast and social media for impacts but any additional impact information from yourselves is always very beneficial in helping us evaluate the warning post-event.

A very different picture from tomorrow onward, cooler and fresher, quite a reasonable day in prospect for tomorrow but further rain/showers likely at times during Friday and over the weekend, at this stage not looking disruptive but to be reviewed on a day-by-day basis.



The Flood Forecasting Centre have issued a Yellow Warning of rain (low likelihood, medium impacts) valid from 06:00 on Thursday until 02:00 on Friday.

Examples of MEDIUM impact rain events are;

Damages to buildings/structures, transport routes and travel services affected. Longer journey times expected. Some road closures, difficult road conditions due to spray and standing water.

Potential for some very heavy thunderstorms, with hail, frequent lightning and gusty winds. The majority of us will miss them, but where they do occur there’s a risk of localised flooding of roads, homes and businesses. The chance of catching one of these downpours increases as you move southwards, so in terms of northern England, the risk is greater in Yorkshire and the Humber Region than it is in NE England.

The showers may linger for a while on Thursday evening and night before dying out.

For more details please go to; www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings#?date=2017-07-06



Well, we’ve got a pretty dull, wet spell of weather at the moment. The intensity of the rain has been fluctuating, with some drier interludes from time to time. There are a couple of weather warnings in force for the north of England, one for wind and one for rain, and we’re not all affected by these warnings. I’ll run through the weather for the next couple of days, followed by details of the weather warnings and send this email to everyone across Yorkshire and the Northeast – even if you’re not in a weather warning area, it’s worth being aware that we’re going to have some blustery winds and areas of standing water which may cause some localised issues.

Today and tonight

Outbreaks of rain tending to become lighter and patchier in much of West and South Yorkshire, but at the same time focussing more on areas further east. This means the rain will become heavier and more persistent for much of the Humber Region, North Yorkshire (especially the east of the county), and all of northeast England. The west to northwesterly winds will also pick up today, especially across parts of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, where gusts of 40-50 mph are possible (locally up to 60 mph in exposed and hilly locations). With trees in full leaf, this may be enough to snap off some large branches or even bring down a small number of susceptible trees and cause some tricky driving conditions (high sided vehicles and caravans). Any temporary structures associated with outdoor events may also be vulnerable. Staying blustery through the night, but the strongest of the winds in the warning area should begin to ease late this evening. The rain will begin to ease off and move away into the North Sea towards the end of the night.


Cloud and any remaining showers will soon move away, with sunny spells developing. After a breezy morning, the wind will become lighter during the afternoon.


Cloudy with rain at times, locally heavy.


Sunny spells and scattered showers


Remaining unsettled, with showers or longer spells of rain. Perhaps a better chance of seeing some dry, bright spells on Sunday.

 Weather Warnings 

Yellow Warning of Rain, medium likelihood, low impacts valid until 11:30 today. This warning affects the West of North and West Yorkshire.

Yellow Warning of Wind, medium likelihood, low impacts valid 10:00 to 22:00 today. This warning affects the west of North Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire and much of West and South Yorkshire.