Sports Premium

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At Howard Park we recognise the importance of the PE and sports premium funding in raising achievement and health and wellbeing.  We believe that all children should have equal access to PE and sporting opportunities, both during and out of school hours.  The PE and sports premium funding is aimed at raising standards and improving the experiences of all children throughout school in their PE lessons.

PE and sports premium funding is money, provided by the Government, to raise achievement and involvement in PE and sports.

At Howard Park PE and sports premium money has been spent in a variety of ways.  This has included:

  • Employing specialist coaches to deliver lessons to a range of classes across school.
  • Employing specialist coaches to deliver after school activities, including gymnastics and football.
  • Paying trained members of staff to deliver a range of after school activities to increase the range and quality of sporting opportunities offered.
  • Increasing the skill base of identified members of staff who can then pass on their training across the whole staff team.
  • Paying members of staff to work across lunchtime to offer focussed sporting activities.
  • Increasing the range of out of school opportunities, purchasing sporting equipment/kit so that pupils can be entered in to local, competitive school leagues.

There has been a positive impact so far.  Pupil involvement and enjoyment has certainly increased.  The different clubs and out of school teams/leagues involve a range of pupils from across school.  Attainment is also increasing; at out of school events we are experiencing growing success and a reputation for commitment and effort.  We have been extremely successful in a range of football, netball tournaments, and cross country events.

In terms of curriculum work the expectations for year-end achievement has increased and observations would support the evaluation that we have increased engagement, enjoyment and enthusiasm from the pupils. Teachers also appreciate the opportunity to enhance their own skills and will testify that they have increasing confidence to sustain delivery in the future for the benefit of the pupils.

School will continue to promote involvement and excellence in PE and sports through the use of this premium and as part of our philosophy towards the subject.