Social Networking and Mobile Phones

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Social Networking and Mobile Phone Policy for Parents

The following is an expectation of all parents/carers of children that attend the school.

Where as we embrace new technologies and ICT developments, staff, pupils and parents at school are expected to adhere to the following, to comply with our child safety and protection policies.

Facebook and Social Networks

  1. Pupils at Howard Park School are legally not allowed to use Facebook and are committing an offence if an account is set up with a false date of birth. Any staff discovering pupils with accounts will report them to Facebook and inform parents.
  2. Parents who are Facebook users are invited to ‘Like’ our official Facebook page to keep up to date with School events and messages.
  3. Anything written on the School’s Facebook page is public. All posts can be seen by anybody. Any bad language or abusive posts will be removed.
  4. Any post requiring a response will be done so as soon as possible either via the Howard Park Facebook account or in person with a class teacher or member of the leadership team the following day (or Monday if it is a weekend).
  5. Any posts found on Facebook that may be slanderous towards school or members of staff will be reported to the Kirklees legal department and appropriate action will be taken.
  6. The school will not upload any pictures of children to the Facebook page without permission from parents.
  7. Parents may only upload pictures of their own children in a school setting to the Facebook page.
  8. On no account should any parent upload a picture of other children in school anywhere on the internet.
  9. Staff are advised not to accept friendship requests from parents where school is the only point of contact, except with permission from the head teacher. Also, staff are not allowed to accept friendship requests from past students who are still under the age of 18.

Mobile Phones

  1. In school, children in Years 5 and 6 may bring a mobile phone to school if necessary for travelling home. Phones must be given to the class teacher first thing in the morning. If this is not done, no responsibility can be taken by school for the safe keeping of the phone.
  2. Parents may use their phones on school premises but the taking of photos or videos of children other than their own, is not permitted. Neither is it acceptable to take photos or video of staff without their permission.
  3. Staff, children, parents and governors of Howard Park Community School are all expected to behave in a responsible manner online as they would when on site.
  4. The exception to this is when there is a performance or celebration assembly. In this case the taking of photos is acceptable but they are to remain for personal use and should not be uploaded to any social networking site. If you object to the taking of photos in an assembly or performance, please notify school prior to the event.