Welcome to Our Clubhouse

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After-school clubs are provided by a combination of staff and external companies. A small fee is charged for some clubs. However, pupils who are entitled to free school meals (and therefore where school receives pupil premium) may be able to attend clubs for free. Contact the office staff for details on what clubs are available – it’s best to find out towards the end of each term so you know the full menu of options. The after-school clubs ‘menu’ changes each term.

Please email clubhouse@howardpark.co.uk or call 01274 33262 for information and bookings.

Provided there’s enough take-up, the clubs will run. In 2015-16, the clubs which will run are:

• Gymnastics with Foundation Sports
• NAK (New Aged Kurling) with Accelerate from Tong High School
• Football with Bradford City Football Club
• Handball with Mr Pollard
• Monday Rugby with Mr Thomson and Mr Pollard
• Wednesday evening Rugby with ‘Red’ders’
• Dance with Mrs Teale
• Lunchtime Sports with Mr Thompson, Mr Snowdon and Mr Pollard
• Lunchtime Read & Relax
• Lunchtime Homework Club
• Lunchtime Cross Stitch and Crochet with Mrs Newby and Mrs Davis
• Gardening with ‘The Gardening Shed’
• Gardening in ‘The Allotments’
• Maths/ Literacy Boosters
• Lunchtime ‘Handwriting with Howard’ (Y2 and Y6)

As well as clubs after-school, look out for other occasional clubs. From January 2016, breakfast and after school ‘tuition’ clubs are available on an ‘invitation’ basis, offering extra learning support; this is partly funded by pupil premium money.

NEW – We are pleased to offer out-of-school activity clubs in association with Tong High School and Spen Valley Football. Please enquire at the office for futher details (neither club are legally or financially connected with Howard Park Community School)