Please find below our risk assessments to explain how we our keeping our school and its community protected during Covid-19.

Risk Assessment NamesDescriptionDocument
Classroom Risk AssessmentClassrooms Risk Assessment
Cleaning Risk AssessmentThe additional steps we are taking to ensure school remains as clean as possible.Cleaning Risk Assessment
Entering and Leaving the SiteGuidance soon the flow and movement of people around the school site.Entering and Leaving the Site Risk Assessment
External Agencies Risk AssessmentGuidance for visitorsExternal Agencies Risk Assessment COVID
Fire and Evacuation Procedure The steps to take during a fire evacuation whilst under Covid restrictions.Fire and Evacuation Procedure
Lunchtimes Risk AssessmentsThe extra steps being at lunchtimesLunchtimes Risk Assessment
Mental Health and WellbeingThe additional steps we are taking to support mental health and wellbeing of staffMental Health and Wellbeing Risk Assessment
First Aid Risk AssessmentThe additional steps our first aiders take to protect themselves and children.First Aid Risk Assessment
Moving In and Around SchoolManaging the movement in and around school of pupils and adults.Moving In and Around School Risk Assessment
Outside and Playtimes Risk AssessmentThe reorganisation of playtimes during CovidOutside Playtime Risk Assessment
Protective MeasuresSome of the additional measures we are taking during CovidProtective Measures Risk Assessment
Staff and Pupils Risk AssessmentHow we are managing the risk of Covid between staff and pupilsStaff and Pupils Risk Assessment
Toilets Risk AssessmentHow we are cleaning areas that may increase the likelihood of Covid being transmitted.Toilets Risk Assessment