Our Charges and Remissions Policy

April 2018

The Governors have produced a Charging and Remission Policy for Howard Park Community School based on the Education Act 1996 and The Education (School Sessions and Charges and Remissions Policies) (Information) (England) Regulations 1999. The guidelines provided here are based on Kirklees Council’s implementation document.

The basic principle of the 1996 Education Act provides a free education for our children within the limits set by the National Curriculum.

This includes: all activities inside and outside School hours and on School premises; visits where half or more of the time is inside School hours; residential visits where the number of School time sessions outnumber the other half days.

Some valuable aspects of education; however; fall outside such limits and these include non-vocal music tuition that is not part of a public exam or the National Curriculum; activities wholly outside School hours; residential visits where the number of School sessions is less than the other half days. (Board and lodging may be charged for except where parents receive income support or family credit).

The Governing Body recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including Clubs, visits and residential experiences can make towards pupils’ personal and social education.

At Howard Park Community School, we aim to promote and provide such activities both as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils of the School and as optional activities.

However, such activities can only continue if parents are willing to make a voluntary contribution to cover the cost of their child’s involvement. We would point out; however; that no child will be excluded if a voluntary contribution is not made. Any case of financial hardship should be referred to the Head Teacher in complete confidence.

It is possible that an activity might be cancelled should significant numbers of children not contribute the full or part costs of an activity.

There are areas of the curriculum we are allowed to charge for. If parents wish to receive items made by their children, they will be asked to pay for materials used (e.g. baking and sewing). Ingredients will be provided for children who cannot pay, but the item will not be sent home.

Music Tuition

The costs associated with music tuition, which is available within the school, fall under the guidelines of the Kirklees Music school/ Roundhay School of Music. The provision caters for heavily subsidised tuition. Details are available in school.

Pupil Premium is about “reducing the attainment gap” – the provision and engagement with a broad and balanced curriculum has the potential to support that narrowing, through increased confidence, self-esteem and participation.

Deliberate Damage

Damage to books, equipment or fabric of the building is unacceptable and offenders are expected to make good the cost of such damage. Parents will be charged for wilful damage by their children, to school property.

Lettings Policy

A separate Lettings Policy, based on the LA’s recommended charges for community use outside of the school’s own population exists and is updated annually. If you would like to 'borrow' a room, long or short term - please contact the office. We have a wide selection of rooms (from the hall to more intimate meeting rooms) available during and after school, during the holidays and at weekends.

Charges are set down as follows:

Breakfast Club: £3.00 per session (please see office for Nursery aged children)
After School Provision: £4.50 per session (please see office for Nursery aged children)
Dinners: as Kirklees Catering pricing
Milk: please see office for termly fee (NEW also available to KS2 pupils)
Music Tuition: Please see office
Damage of books: £5.00 per book
Wilful damage of school property: The replacement price of that item

Signed: Mr G Muir -Chair of Governing Body (April 2018)