There will shortly be an election of a Parent Governor. The Governing Body, when it is complete, comprises THIRTEEN Governors of which TWO will be elected by the parents. There is currently ONE parent governor vacancy within school. Parent Governors will serve for four years, unless they resign. They can continue in office (until the end of that office) even when their children have left the school.

The Governing Body also comprises (delete as appropriate)

  • LA Governors (nominated by the Kirklees Council)
  • Staff Governors
  • Co-opted Governors (chosen by other governors)
  • The Headteacher

What do Governors Do?

School Governors are responsible for strategic leadership and accountability within schools. In practise this means that governing bodies are responsible for such things as setting school policies and ensuring they are adhered to; setting and monitoring the school budget; monitoring the progress that the school is making and setting targets for school improvement. Governors are not involved in the operational running of the school. The daily management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher. We know that there is an immense amount of talent and interest in our parent body and that there is an enormous appetite for success and ambition for your children to be the best – being part of the governing body will enable you to join an eager and committed group of people that share this desire.

Do Parent Governors have Special Responsibilities?

No. Parent Governors do not have extra duties. Governors work as a team, with shared responsibilities. The Parent Governors speak as parents: they can’t speak for all parents.

How are Parent Governors Appointed?

We take the term ‘parent’ to include anyone who has custody of a child registered at the school, as well as ‘natural’ parents.

If we receive more nominations than there are places to fill (i.e. ONE), there will be a secret ballot and I will send ballot forms (1 per parent) and envelopes for their return to each home by hand of the children. The form will explain how votes may be cast.

If the number of nominations we receive is the same as the number of places to be filled (i.e. ONE), then that person will be declared elected.

Parent Governors must be people who have children at the school when they are elected. Applicants should also have a strong belief in continually improving the quality of education of children at school and have the time to commit to attend training and governing body meetings. If you decide you wish to stand for election it is necessary to get two parents at the school to propose and second your nomination. Please then use the NOMINATION FORM and CANDIDATE INFORMATION SHEET for your application.

If you are not able to stand for election, you may know of someone who is; and parents with children at the school can nominate another parent for election (with their consent of course!). You can use the NOMINATION FORM attached, having signed it yourself and obtained the signatures of the seconder and of the person you are nominating, return the form as quickly as possible. You can nominate as many parents as there are seats to fill but you need a nomination form for each. The person that you are nominating must then complete the CANDIDATE INFORMATION SHEET.

The rules for the election are written down in Regulations made by the LA, and these can be inspected at the school.

Result of the Election

The name of the parent elected will be displayed at the school for at least seven days and will be presented on the school’s website.

The NOMINATION PAPER and the CANDIDATE INFORMATION SHEET are available below. Anyone having any query about the election is invited to contact the school.




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