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Booking Terms & Conditions

Facilities at Howard Park Community School and Children's Centre are hired out and are the services offered by Howard Park Community School, a part of the family of schools of Kirklees Council.

For the purposes of simplicity, these organisations shall be referred to The Centre within this document.

Priority for access to any area of the Centre for internal and external parties is at the discretion of the Centre Manager or Head Teacher

1. Available Facilities:
The Training Room

Accommodates: Up to 20 attendees for presentations/ meetings/ courses and conferences in various seating styles.

The Health Room

Accommodates: Up to 6 attendees for informal meetings, interviews and conferences in comfortable and relaxed surroundings. (Note: not open until Autumn 2016)

The Corner Room

Accommodates: Up to 12 attendees for presentations/ meetings/ courses and conferences in various seating styles. (Note: not open until Autumn 2016)

The Log Cabin  

Accommodates: Up to 30 attendees for presentations/ meetings/ courses and conferences in various seating styles.

The Therapy Space 

Accommodates: Children for therapy/ light therapy and contacts.

The Play Space

Accommodates: Up to 20 children for activity/ therapy 'adult based' tuition in a small modern classroom setting.

Hot Desks

Two of these are available, each accommodating one person

2. Access
The centre is available for use both within working hours and outside working hours throughout the year. 

Morning bookings are classed as 08:30 to 12:15

Afternoon Bookings are classed as 12:30 to 16:15

Twilight Bookings are classed at 16:30 to 18:30

Evening Bookings are classed as 18:45 to 20:45 (although we can extend this if required)

3. Bookings
Advance bookings are required. A minimum of one week’s notice is preferred but clients are advised that demand for facilities is high and as much notice as possible should be given.

4. Cancellations
If a cancellation should arise, the client should immediately advise a member of staff in writing or by email. The Centre retains the right to request a deposit of 25%, payable at the time of booking.  Cancellations made 2 weeks before the booking date will attract a 25% charge.  Cancellations within 1 week will be payable at the full rate of the booking.

5. Security
Centre staff will arrange with the client appropriate security for the event, including securing the premises at the end of events as required. The client will be responsible for adhering to agreed security and safety procedures.

6. State & Repair
The Client will be given access to the facilities in a fit and reasonable state and will be responsible for returning the facility to the Centre in similar condition. Failure to do so will result in a charge to the Client for remedial cleaning work, etc.

7. Parking
General parking is available. A limited number of disabled parking spaces are available in designated positions.  The School, Centre or Council accept no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles of clients.

8. Risk Assessment
If the Centre so requests, the Client shall provide a method statement and risk assessment for the activities and intended use of equipment by the Client.

9.  The Client may not grant broadcast (sound or television) or filming rights without the prior written consent of the Centre. If such consent is given, the Centre reserves the right to take part in any negotiations, to be a party to the conditions of any Agreement and to take a share in any income or publicity and the benefits derived therefrom.

10.  Food & Beverages we like to supply you with as many drinks as you can consume, a water boiler, a selection of teas and coffee etc. will be available.  If you would like to organise an outside caterer please feel free but let us have the details so that we can work with them for a seamless experience for you.  If it's a 'bring your own' - that's great, we can provide you with plates, cutlery etc. to make your lunch a little more civilised.  We hope to be able to cater for you in the near future - in the meantime if you'd like us to handle this part for you I'm sure we can arrange something!

11. Payment
Payment in full is required 48 hours prior to the booking. Delays beyond this may result in the room booking being withdrawn.

12. Liability of the Centre
(a) The Centre accepts liability for and will indemnify clients from and against liability for and claims arising from death, injury or illness to any person caused by the negligence of the Centre, its employees or agents and paragraphs 12 © and 12 (d) do not apply and do not limit this liability.
(b) Subject to paragraphs 12 (c) and 12 (d), The Centre also accepts liability for and will indemnify you from and against any liability for and claims arising from any loss or damage to any property of any person who is authorised to be on the Centre’s premises in respect of the event which is caused by the negligence of the Centre, its employees or agents.
(c) The Centre will have no liability under these Conditions or generally (for negligence or otherwise) for any indirect or consequential loss, of business, revenue or loss of profit or financial loss.
(d) Any liability which The Centre has in respect of any event (including any liability due to negligence) is limited to the total amount payable by the client for the event.
(e) The Centre will not be liable for failing to do anything or delaying in doing anything because of something beyond its reasonable control such as fire, flood, power failure or industrial disputes.  However, The Centre will take any such circumstance into account in looking at the charges payable and endeavour to act reasonably.

The Centre takes no responsibility whatsoever for equipment brought onto site by the client.

(I) Each part of paragraph 12 operates separately. If any part is disallowed or ineffective, the other parts will continue to apply.