Lion's Confectionery

A Tangerine Confectionery Brand

Lion has made its traditional harder-eating gum sweets since 1903, and this craftsmanship and attention to detail shows. From old favourites such as fruit pastilles, fruit salads, and midget gems, to classic liquorice gums, you’ll find Lion leagues ahead of the competition in quality, flavour and texture. 

Project #1

The 'Fruit Salad' Colour Mix

Nicola at Lion's asked us to check the colour mix in our old favourite 'Fruit Salad'.  We counted the contents, colour by colour, of 505 bags and reported the results.


See how few the white sweets were in the bags!  See how many black sweets were in the bags!

Which is your favourite?  Did you know that there were that amount in each bag? Did you think there were more? or less?


Project #2

The Jelly Babies and American Hard Gums Test

Nicola asked us to check the quantities and quality of Jelly Babies and American Hard Gums.

We needed to count the contents, colour by colour, of 100 of each product and check to tailing and air bubbles.

The results were mixed, once again the colour mix was variable and we can happily say that quality was great!



Project #3

Squashy McSquash Squash

Nicola at Lion's bought a fancy new machine!  The machine, a food texture analyser, is able to test the FIRMNESS and HARDNESS of food products.

We named the machine Squahy McSquash Squash and have started the process of testing Fruit Pastilles, British Mix and American Hard Gums.

Each product is tested just after its made, at week 1, 5, 9 etc right up to the end of its shelf life.

Results are coming in, we'll share these once complete.


Project #4

Let's make some 'House' Sweets



Nicola and her team at Cleckheaton and York are going to be making sweets with Year 5!  Watch this space after Easter for photographs and further information.