Positive Behaviour

at Howard Park Community School


...are plentiful

Our Reward Cards

Celebrate positive behaviour, a great attitude and hard work

Our wonderful children are constantly earning stamps from members of staff all over school.  Stamps are worth different amounts and are given for lots of different reasons.  Our children are also able to 'win big' if they 'defeat their chimp', or 'goblins' or 'gremlins'.

Children have their own house 'Stamp Books', and earn stamps for themselves - to earn our reward postcards; and to earn house points for their houses - Hepworth, Hargreaves, Johnson and Titus Salt.

Each week on a Friday (in assembly) children receive their reward cards and house point totals are announced by our 'House Mother'.  In this assembly stars of the week and a head teachers award is given in each class.  It's a great celebration of the work in school and is thoroughly enjoyed.

 Every day in class, pupils start out on a GREEN card.  Positivity and great behaviours and attitudes can quickly lead to COPPER and GOLD cards, letters praising your child are sent out each day.  Green cards can also be removed and replaced with AMBER/YELLOW and RED cards, you'll read more about this rare occurrence later on!

We are...

Hard Working
Kind and Helpful
Good Listeners

...but Sanctions...

...are sometimes needed

We don't accept...

Poor Attitude
Lack of Effort
Negative Behaviour
Any form of Bullying

We know that children love a safe and secure environment and that's exactly what they get at Howard Park.

Our sanctions are clearly listed below, they are familiar to all pupils and is consistently applied throughout school.

Of course any community has its disagreements and these can lead to improper conduct by our pupils, this is very much kept to a minimum with children being supported by our excellent staff.  Pupils, from time to time, require specific interventions - we love the SEAL approach in school and offer individual, group, class and family SEAL.  Pupils that require greater levels of care will be invited to sessions in the 'Bear's Cavern' this is our nurture room and is the envy of many schools.



Stage One

1st Verbal Warning - Your GREEN card will be removed

Stage Two

2nd Verbal Warning - Your AMBER/YELLOW card will be given and your name will be recorded in your teacher's day book, three occasions in one week will result in a AMBER/YELLOW Letter going home

Stage Three

3rd Verbal Warning - Your RED card will be given and your name will be recorded in the DHT/HT's RED book and a letter will be sent home

Stage Four

'Time out' in a neighbouring class

Stage Five

Deputy Head Teacher's detention at lunchtime

Stage Six

Head Teacher's detention at lunchtime

Stage Seven

Meeting with parents/ carers and senior staff

Stage Eight

Fixed Term exclusion for 1, 3 or 5 days

Stage Nine

Permanent Exclusion followed by... Formal proceedings with Governing Body