Our mission is that homework is...

Preemptive (preparing pupils for learning to come), Consolidatory (consolidating prior learning) and Challenging (to every pupil)

What is our Homework Charter?

Firstly... our promise to you!

Our 'Homework Charter' is our way of letting you know the homework that will be sent out from your child's class on a weekly basis.  It's quite a comprehensive list, and we do expect pupils to return this each week.  However we do understand the pressures of family life and I can assure you that no sanctions will ever come of not handing homework in; however reward will be given for independent, quality efforts.  Also, don't forget that our Homework Club is available every day!

The Charter

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Our Homework Charter

The PDF version

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Practical Ways to Help

You, your child and their homework

Provide a quiet, well lit study area.  Avoid distractions such as the television and loud music.  Encourage other family members to be quiet, especially youngsters.

Have a regular homework routine:  Obviously household routines differ, late at night is rarely a good time to study, as children are tired.  You may need to be flexible if your child attends out-of-school activities.  Try to get a balance, but homework should be a priority.  If it is being rushed then consider reducing after school commitments or TV viewing.  having a routine helps to avoid excuses such as 'I'll do it after this programme' or ' I forgot'.  It is important that a child learns to take responsibility rather than having to rely on reminders.  Also, do not expect your child to work on an empty stomach.  No-one works well when they are hungry.

Praise effort and achievement:  It is vital to praise a child for his or her efforts and achievements.  Positive comments are more effective than critical ones.  A child can become disaffected if continually reminded of shortcomings.  Building self-esteem is very important if a child is to try with school work.