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Attendance and Holidays in Term Time - IMPORTANT NOTES

The Government stipulates that absence during term time is only acceptable under certain circumstances.  These are as follows:

  1. Where a parents has to take holidays at a time specified by their employer.  This would include parents who work in certain professions, for example, farmers, factory workers, fire fighters, etc.  Head Teachers will use their knowledge of families to manage requests made by self-employed parents.
  2. Where a holiday is recommended as part of a parent or child's rehabilitation from a medical or emotional issue.
  3. Where parents are considering emigration and wish to visit the country as part of their consideration.
  4. To attend a wedding or funeral of a close member of the family, which is, taking place further than is reasonable travelling distance within one day.

Should one of these situations apply to your request then we would ask for evidence to support it.

In addition, holidays will not be authorised for any reasons at the following times:

  • The first two weeks of any academic year.
  • Year Six transition days.
  • Half term 5, when pupils in Year 2 and Year 6 take SATs tests

Within the primary sector it is expected that pupils attend for at least 97% of sessions, any absence puts your child at risk of falling behind and ultimately not performing to their full potential.

Should the absence not fit in to the above guidelines then a penalty of £60 per parents will be lodged.