The School's Context

...and Distinctive Features

The main characteristics of the pupils and the communities served by the school:                          



Our school is a larger than average sized primary school with 276 pupils on roll from aged 3-11, serving the local area of Cleckheaton, a small but vibrant town in West Yorkshire. The large majority of our pupils are White/British (87.6%) with a further 12.4% from other ethnic groups mainly Pakistani heritage. A minority of our pupils have English as an additional language (5.7%), which is below average. Although pupils come from a wide range of social economic circumstances, many families experience high levels of social and economic disadvantage with a significantly high deprivation indicator with 78% in the most deprived 5 bandings, consequently the proportion of pupils known to be eligible for free school meals is 27.9% (a decrease on 2014/15). The socio-economic backgrounds of our pupils are predominantly semi-professional. Most pupils are well supported from home which enhances participation in extracurricular clubs and funding for education visits. The stability of our pupils is fairly high (88.8%). The proportion of our pupils SEN support is high but decreasing(10.1%), those with a statement or EHC plan also being above Kirklees and National averages at 3.3%; mainly SEMHD, MLD and SLCN. Currently, there is only one pupil classed as ‘Looked After’. Attendance is good at 95.6%.

Our school offers a broad and balanced curriculum, geared to the individual needs of all children in a secure, very nurturing and increasingly challenging environment. We are proud to provide a fun and enjoyable learning journey which enables all children to reach towards their full potential; these values are reinforced by all staff and Governors, shared by all pupils and evident throughout the school. Our pupils receive a high quality and individually challenging education designed to promote empowerment and independence which creating enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning. In an environment where children feel valued and staff have increasingly high expectations, we encourage every pupil to become self-reliant, responsible, well-motivated and to develop their moral, social and spiritual skills to their full potential. The vast majority of our pupils are very well behaved and enjoy learning from our skilled and dedicated team of staff who provide high levels of care, support and guidance - contributing to the school’s excellent pastoral care. The vast majority of parents and carers strongly agree: that their children like school, that the school keeps pupils safe and that teaching is good or better. The excellent personal development of pupils is demonstrated by their enjoyment of school, enthusiasm to adopt responsible roles and an excitement for learning through the effective acquisition of lifelong learning skills.

On starting school in the Early Years Foundation Stage, the majority of pupils’ skills and abilities are generally below national expectations, coming from home and often a wide variety of early year’s providers, with a range of different experiences and skills and many with additional needs. Despite this start, most pupils make good progress throughout the EYFS, where teaching is good or better and tailored to the pupils’ needs, providing exciting and stimulating activities with a good balance of tasks led by adults or chosen by the children themselves. From these starting points, most pupils reach and exceed standards that are expected by the end of the Reception phase. Pupils’ achievement then, currently, varies throughout the school. This has begun a fundamental change as strong leaders, staff and governors, with the support of the local community, engage pupils in a solid, high quality education alongside a creative and enriching curriculum that is led by the desire for the highest aspirations for all pupils. Ultimately, and with urgency, the school will ensure that the vast majority of pupils make above expected progress by the end of KS1 and subsequently KS2.

Our distinctive features include:


We are a vibrant multi-cultural community; all living, learning and growing in harmony together fostering a highly valued sense of community aiming to ensure that the values of the school reflect children's backgrounds, cultures and the wider society in which we live. The principles of Equality and Diversity are central to our work as we ensure that every child is equally able to fully develop their abilities and talents. The promotion of cohesion is good, due to well established links. The school is popular in the community and there are good partnerships with other schools and agencies including several local secondary schools. Most pupils are eager to support others less fortunate than themselves, putting a great deal of effort into fund-raising activities for specific aid projects engaging with the local community.


Learning is extended beyond the classroom, taking advantage of the extensive school grounds and locality.


Our school has a strong family feel and a caring nurturing ethos, this is very important in creating a warm and welcoming environment for our school and the wider community, where there is a tangible feel of everyone working together as a tightly knit family and where achievements are encouraged and celebrated and relationships are highly productive. Teachers know their pupils very well and they are looked on as an individual, as a result, pupils approach their work with good levels of independence and creativity across a broad and balanced curriculum. Opportunities for personalised learning approaches, well-being of pupils and parents partnering with the school are developing well – a good and increasing number of parents engage in this partnership.


The excellent curriculum motivates pupils because it not only takes into account their interests and aspirations but is enriched through a range of clubs and extra-curricular activities that many pupils enjoy. Information regarding the extensive range of extra-curricular clubs and activities can be found on our school website. These activities raise pupils’ self-esteem, enable them to experience success and develop their ability to work successfully as a team. In addition, there is a Breakfast and After School Club, which provides a friendly and stimulating environment where pupils of all ages mix well together, a provision which parents and carers particularly value.


The school has achieved a number of nationally accredited awards including: Investors in Pupils, Active Mark, Arts Council and the National Healthy Schools Status.


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